12-year-old girl grabs 19M hearts with moving “Bohemian Rhapsody”

12-year-old Naomi Aye made everyone present applaud and admire her. A girl on the Voice Kids France show sang a very popular and beloved song by everyone, “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen group at a blind audition.

This is a song from the album “A Night atthe Opera” and was written in 1975. The song is very unusual, it plays opera, ballads, a cappella and of course rock. This track was a serious step, but because of the length of the song they had some difficulties.

The representative surprised the jury when they saw the little girl. Naomi will really impress you.
At Aye’s blind audition, she played the piano and sang a song in a voice you wouldn’t normally hear from someone her age.

This voice caused the judges to spin in their chairs one by one.
Naomi acted like a professional. The little artist wasn’t even nervous, and if she was nervous, she didn’t show it, instead demonstrating her talents with confidence.

She not only charmed the audience with her vocal improvisations, but also performed a song with a wonderful piano playing.

Playing the piano and singing a song exactly like Freddie’s, Naomi’s numerous vocal improvisations combined with her incredible range stunned the judges who carefully watched and listened to this 12-year-old girl.

Aye begins softly, with a slow but impressive performance of a song so beloved and famous all over the world.

She sang the song with passion and there was tenderness in her voice.

She immediately impressed the judges Kenji Girac and Soprano. From the first notes, they have already become fans of this talented singer.

Girak stands until the end of his speech.

Then the judge found out that she also has the ability to speak 5 languages.

She has a real talent for singing, and it is already obvious that this is not the last time we see her on stage.

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