13 YEAR OLD Angelina Green Wins GOLDEN BUZZER on America’s Got Talent!

On America’s Got Talent, a 13-year-old singer named Angelina Green wowed the judges with her powerful voice and deeply moving story about how she found solace in singing.

When the hopeful young AGT stepped onto the stage, she beamed in her ear as she introduced herself to the judges, but the excited performer immediately choked up when asked at Why does she like music?

“When I was a kid, one day my dad left and he never came back,” Green said in a pre-made sticker pack. “We had nothing left. We were going to get an eviction notice. I remember overhearing my mother talking on the phone with homeless shelters. She was afraid we would end up on the street and that’s really scary for us.”

“That’s where the music helps me. It’s my own little world that I can go to whenever I need it,” she continued. vanished.”

During her audition, Green performed a powerful cover of “I’ll Stand By You” by The Pretenders, showcasing her impressive vocals and captivating emotions.

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