AGT Judge Simon Cowell Furiously Stops Young Girl’s Audition, But Then Something Amazing Happens

It could have been a complete disaster, but a 12-year-old girl from Easley, South Carolina managed to turn an interrupted audition on «America’s Got Talent» into a truly remarkable moment for both the judges and the audience.

While Ansley was in the middle of her performance of Aretha Franklin’s «Think,» judge Simon Cowell abruptly interrupts and brings the audition to a halt.

Cowell expresses his strong objection to the background music, describing it as a «horrible, horrible backing track.»

After some thoughtful deliberation, he proposes that Ansley perform her chosen piece without any musical accompaniment.

Clearly unsettled, she reluctantly agrees — after he kindly offers her water from his own cup, referring to it as «magic water.» The audience and judges enthusiastically applaud her, showing their unwavering support.

Ansley confidently starts singing the song with the talent and accuracy of a seasoned professional.

Ansley’s performance left all four judges impressed, resulting in unanimous «yes» votes and securing her spot in the next round.

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