Elvis’ grandson auditions for The Voice and impresses the judges with his rendition of “Love Me Tender.”

Dakota Striplin claims to have a familial connection to the legendary Elvis Presley, and his unique rendition of «Love Me Tender» during his audition on The Voice undeniably piques curiosity!

As the performance unfolds, Dakota Striplin, a young man with a guitar in hand, graces the stage with an angelic voice. One of the judges is immediately moved and swivels her chair while placing her hand over her heart.

«I need to see what’s happening here,» another judge exclaims, swiftly turning her chair to face him. By the end of his song, a judge expresses sheer delight at his presence. The judges are in awe because he not only sang but also showcased his instrumental prowess.

Curious about his song choice and connection to the iconic artist, they inquire further. Dakota reveals that Elvis Presley has been a significant inspiration for him. He playfully mentions that his grandmother used to attend Elvis’ concerts, and there’s a running joke in the family that he could be Elvis’ grandson. When the judges observe the uncanny resemblance, it elicits a shared chuckle.

Dakota proceeds to share his family’s unique experience, beginning with the fact that his father doesn’t talk about it much. His grandmother, on the other hand, used to travel to Hawaii to assist with Elvis Presley’s performances. Dakota’s father would accompany her to Hawaii, but none of his other siblings did.

The passing of Elvis had a profound and emotional impact on his grandmother. A DNA test conducted a few years ago revealed that his supposed grandfather was not his biological one. This has given rise to the theory that Dakota Striplin might indeed be Elvis’ grandchild.

As the narrative unfolds, two judges stand up in hopes of being chosen as his coach. Ultimately, he selects the judge who turned her chair for him first. Following this exciting revelation, the audience is treated to another clip of Dakota delivering a knockout performance.

The story reminds us that our origins may sometimes remain shrouded in mystery, but our unchanging identity in Christ offers us comfort and a sense of belonging. When we accept Jesus as our Savior, we are embraced as part of God’s family.

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