Farmer Leaves Laughing X-Factor Audience Speechless

Reality TV shows are regarded as an equal world of opportunity for all to perform and win. In it still exist the human prejudice and biases on the part of the judges and audience whose non-verbal cues most times betrayal the content of their hearts. The critique melted out to contestants in form of awful looks, mockery and laughter might just be the trigger to some unexpected performances that leave all startled.

53-year-old Jacqueline Faye’s performance at UK reality talent show, X-Factor is a case that fits into this mold. When she walked up to the microphone on stage, the audience anticipated nothing. As she began to talk about her farm life back in Oxfordshire, she met the horror looks on some faces. The mock-like laughter from the audience trickles into her ears. Judge Simon Cowell himself didn’t spare her in his repulsive looks. He seemed to have forgotten all about Susan Boyle who he belittled some years ago but became a fan of soon after her performance.

But they were all wrong to have judged her by her cover. She was quick to turn the awful looks on faces to light laughter with how she answered questions directed at her by the judges. Her good sense of humor played out when judge Robbie Williams asks her if she prefers to be called Jackie or Jacqueline. Her response goes thus: “I don’t mind. You can call me anything you like. You’re Robbie Williams!”. The judges giggled in return. The audience who had laughed in disbelieve went Aww!

Her pleasant voice was soon discovered as she rendered Cilla Black’s 1960s hit “You’re My World”. She was second to none in her rendition of the song. Her modulation was seamless to the audience surprise. The judges were also pleasantly surprised to see her hit the high notes. She got a standing ovation which broke her into tears. She couldn’t hide her emotions anymore.

“You remind me of everything that is great about my home. You transport me to safety and kindness. There’s something really special about you.” These were judge Robbie Williams words to the singing farmer. Judge Simon Cowell also admitted his prejudice at her first sight. “When you walked out I thought you’d walked out on to the wrong show by mistake. I’m thinking this isn’t going to be great, and then you were.” This is yet another instance where he did be caught in his biases, judging a book by its cover like Susan Boyle’s case.

Both Faye and Boyle are ordinary women who didn’t possess the demeanor of singing superstar when they walked up to the microphone on the stage; hence, the maltreatment melted at them by the unsuspecting audiences. The duo were not overcome by that. They were quick to prove their worth and left their audience dumbstruck.

Although Faye lost her place to a 35-year-old singer and ended her X-Factor journey ended there, her audition video hit 7.1 million unique views in less than a year.


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