Nervous Singer Wows AGT Crowd With Huge Surprise By Improv Everywhere

36-year-old nervous singer Wesley Plumber does not look like your typical America’s Got Talent performer, but he had a little surprise up his sleeve which had the crowd up on their feet and cheering by the end. In the recently screened performance, which you can see below, Wesley began singing ABBA’s “Take A Chance On Me”, but after a bum note he quickly got rejected by the judges.

Nervous singer SHOCKS the crowd with one-of-a-kind audition | Auditions | AGT  2023 - YouTube

As Wesley profusely apologized, an audience member stood up and begged the judges to give him another chance. Then the surprise began as the ‘audience member’ began singing a strident song about giving him another chance, before other audience members and even the camera guy stood up and joined the song. The in-studio audience were loving this already but there was more to come.

The group of singers then joined Wesley on stage and began a triumphant version of “Take A Chance On Me”, with Wesley not missing a beat this time. Soon after, a huge choir stood up from the audience and joined the song, as the full UCLA marching band stormed the studio with brass instruments and played along.

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