Season One of Little People, Big World Opens with a Family Drama

The upcoming season of Little People, Big World promises to be an intense emotional journey for fans as they follow the heartache experienced by the Roloff family.

Amy Roloff just published a trailer that gives us a better look at the complicated relationship between Amy and Matt’s ex-partners and their new ones.


We also hear about Zach and Tori Roloff’s experiences adjusting to life as parents of three kids. Regretfully, it appears that the close relationship that formerly kept the Roloff family united has soured.

According to the teaser, Zach says he wants to avoid talking about his father’s engagement to Caryn when asked about it. As a matter of fact, Matt acknowledges that Zach, Tori, and their kids no longer frequently visit the family farm. It’s clear that the family members are tense, and their relationships are changing.

Matt’s fiancée Caryn also expresses how she feels isolated from the family. Amy answers with a query concerning decisions and healing, emphasising the necessity for everyone to come together and establish a common ground. Zach continues, noting that there has been a change in the dynamics of the family on several times when the family hasn’t been given priority.

Matt told his supporters some wonderful news around a year ago: he and Caryn are getting married! After six years of dating, their relationship has grown, and they are now preparing an understated yet sophisticated wedding for 2024. Following Matt’s divorce from Amy, who has now found happiness with her new spouse, Chris, Matt and Caryn’s love story began.

Amy, Matt, and their separate partners have remained amicable despite the initial difficulties following their divorce. They even celebrated the beginning of pumpkin season together with a special double date at the farm last autumn. But Caryn and Matt recently relocated to Arizona, where they now live part-time away from the family farm. Together, they are presently building a second home, which Matt has been excitedly posting updates about on Instagram.

Even though Matt’s four children haven’t yet officially congratulated him and Caryn on their engagement, we can still hope that the soon-to-be couple has a great future together. The Roloff family is not an exception to the rule that life is full of ups and downs. We will definitely be able to follow their journey of recovery, development, and striking a balance between their new and old connections as the new season progresses.

As the Roloff family continues to negotiate the ups and downs of life, watch for a season full of feelings, trials, and touching moments. Little People, Big World aims to present an authentic depiction of the happiness and challenges faced by this remarkable family.

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