Shy Girl Clutches Mic On Stage, Instant She Starts Singing 1st Verse Simon’s Jaw Drops Hearing Stunning Twist On Classic Full video is in the comments 👇👇👇

Watching a young child or teen audition on live television shows can be difficult. You don’t really know whether or not they actually have what it takes, considering their age and experience level. They may need to work on their dancing or their voices may need more maturity before they get up to perform. This clip from ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ from 2010 perfectly sums up this viewing experience.

When a 14-year-old girl took the stage on Britain’s Got Talent, no one, from the judges to the audience, had any idea what to expect. But everyone was in disbelief after this young girl started to sing. She stepped onto the stage in a t-shirt and jeans, ready to sing her heart out.

Olivia Archbold was a shy young girl when she stepped up to the microphone and introduced herself to the judges and the audience. The judges are not sure what to make of the song that she plans to sing on stage.

Olivia announces that the song she picked for the audition was “Arms Of An Angel.” She took a deep breath and waited for the music to begin. It took just a few seconds for the judges to be shocked at what the little girl could do.

It doesn’t take long for Olivia to get completely immersed in her song choice! You can clearly see and hear her talent shine through.

Simon starts to smile when he hears how wonderful Olivia really is. He seems absolutely hypnotized by this talented young lady and her amazing voice. The audience is mesmerized, as well.

Simon even mutters “Wow” to himself as she continues singing. Her pure, beautiful voice fills the room! Her voice is like an angel. She really picked a fitting song!

She has amazing control over her voice considering how young she is. You can tell she has what it takes to move up in this business by the end of the song.

The judges are astonished and what they say brings her family to tears. Both sisters and her parents are shocked by what comes next!

One of the judges called her audition “simply spellbinding.” They knew she was amazing but it was awesome to hear others agree!

Are you ready to hear an amazing spin on a beautiful classic? You’ll see why it is going viral!

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