The father came on stage with his little girls and could not contain his excitement. His performance was simply amazing

An unexpected affective performance took place on the television show Britain’s Got Talent. Father of two daughters Nick Edwards took part in the show without knowing it.

The fact is that Nick has long been fond of music. He writes songs and composes poetry, but he never performs in public.

He is not confident in his abilities and considers himself a non-professional. According to him, music is his hobby.

Edwards lacked the confidence to apply for the show himself, so he was was amazed by his mother Tracy and daughters when they applied for the show on his behalf,

which came as a surprise to him. He was 35 years old and was a real estate developer at the time of the audition.

At the audition, he sang the song “Daddy’s Little Girl” by Ernie Holter while playing guitar. He often sang this song at home and it meant a lot to him.

Confused dad's surprise audition on 'Britain's Got Talent'

Edwards sang with such feeling and soul that he did not leave anyone indifferent in the auditorium.

It was noticeable how much he loves his daughters and all his thoughts at the moment of singing were directed to them. In the semi-finals,

he sang an original song called “Love Is” while playing guitar as pictures of his family were shown on an electronic screen behind him.

Some of the audience believed that Nick’s audition was staged, as he already had a microphone on when he sat in the audience and the lyrics of the

song he sang were printed out beforehand. However, a television show official later stated that Nick was approached as an audience member whose reactions were filmed,

so they gave him a microphone. Be that as it may, everyone learned that Nick Edwards is a very talented performer and composer.

Participation in the show betrayed his confidence in his strength. He finally decided to take up music as his own business, and not as a hobby.

Nick is very grateful to his family that they gave him such a chance.


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