The two sisters took the stage and delivered a performance of the legendary song, earning a positive reception from the audience.

Mariah Carey’s song “Without You” stood as an absolute hit of the 90s, and many endeavored to replicate its success, attempting to surpass the original. However, few succeeded in doing so. The composition itself posed vocal complexities, requiring significant effort to perform at a commendable level.

Surprisingly, it was the young sisters from Odessa, Anastasia and Victoria Petrik, who managed to accomplish this feat. At the time of their remarkable performance, the elder sister, Vika, was 16 years old, while her sibling was merely 11. Stepping onto the stage, they defied expectations with their penetrating and powerful rendition, captivating the audience from the first minute. Despite their young ages, Vika being 14 and the youngest only 6, both showcased their remarkable talent by taking on the challenge of singing such a difficult song. Initially, the jury harbored skepticism, as no one had dared to attempt the song before, fully aware of its difficulty. Yet, the sisters approached the stage with unity and confidence.

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Initially expecting an ordinary performance, the jury quickly witnessed a shift in their impression. The girls, armed with powerful and charming voices, supported and understood each other seamlessly, even at such a young age. Their performance resonated throughout the hall, capturing the hearts of thousands. Every note of their song penetrated the audience, evoking profound emotions and thoughts. Their unparalleled voices set them apart, making them the standout performers and winners of the day. Praised in popular newspapers and on television, their unique ability to emulate Mariah Carey’s voice was highlighted. Hand in hand, without constraint, excitement, or hesitation, their performance truly deserved the title of victory and garnered widespread recognition. They were the sole act that transformed the jury’s opinion and perspective.


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